Native American Indian Black Pine Nut & Dentalium Necklace

This necklace is made with black pine nuts, dentalium shells, cedar berries and gold beads. You may choose a different color for the bead. The shells, nuts, and berries are traditional materials used by the Yurok people.  Dentalia was used as a form of money prior to Euroopean contact.

Native American Indians utilized the environment to meet all of their needs.  The natural resources surrounding them provided food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and adornment. This necklace is a contemporary version of that worn traditionally by Native American Indians of northern California.  Although we live in a modern word, it is important to remember where we came from, important to continue the customs and traditons of our ancestors.  

This traditional style necklace blends the old with the new, is appropriate for  males or females, and dresses up any outfit without being too flashy.

Native American Indian Black Pine Nut & Dentalium Necklace
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